Acid River (Log to Log)

Description: The participants start on a bank of an acid river. There are a number of stumps sticking above the “river's” surface. The group has several planks which they may use to cross the river. If any group member falls off a plank or a rock while crossing the river, or should any of the planks touch or fall into the river, the group must start over again. Group members must work together as a team to get everyone across from one end to the other

Set Up: Stones or stumps are placed throughout a specific area. The stones are a specific length away from each other which will allow a 4 foot plank to be placed from one to another in a straight direction. The plank will not however be able to reach in a diagonal direction, forcing the students to problem solve how to most effectively get from one end to another. The class will all start at one side of the “river” and try to make it across to the other.
Special Instructions/Safety:
• Make sure participants work together to use boards as they may be heavy for some members of the group
• One person is allowed to walk across the plank at a time
• Group members must make sure that plank is secure before allowing members to cross
• This is a self-spotted event: i.e, the participants should be aware that a fall to the ground is possible, and they should be responsible for them to stay on top, as well as for the members in their group.
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