Spiders Web

Description: To pass each member of the group through a separate web opening without letting any part of the body touch any part of the web. Once a member uses an opening, that section is closed to further passage. If a participant on the opposite side of the web touches, that person has to return to the beginning side, and the section, which they went through, remains closed (these parameters can be changed to fit the needs of your group). Participants cannot be passes over or under the web. Variations can include no verbal communication; blindfold members, or having the entire group start over if a member touches the rope.

Set Up: A prefabricated web strung between two poles 4-6 feet apart made up of 14-17 open web sections. The web may be constructed from a variety of small ropes and bungee cord. The web is constructed to be removable. The top of the web should be no more than 7 feet in height.
Special Instruction/Safety:
• Make sure that participants are aware of the safety issues and spotting requirements
• Check area for unsafe ground cover: i.e., broken glass, dead limbs, stones, etc.
• Attach weight to the bottom of the web, if needed, to keep the set up tight.
• Present the task, review spotting requirements, safety issues, and answer questions before the group begins the task.
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