Whale Watch

Whale Watch
: The group has to obtain the rope using any resource found without the group and cross the area bordered by the trip wires lying on the ground. At some point during the activity, the group must carry a container filled with water (nitro), without spilling a drop. Once across, participants can only spot-they cannot return to give any assistance. If a trip wire is knocked stepped on, the whole group must return. If any water spills, the whole group must also return, but if a group member touches the ground while swinging, only that person must return. Different attachments can be used on the rope at varied heights to make this element adaptable for all ages

Set up: A spliced loop swing rope is suspended from a cable. Ropes for boundaries are put on the ground to be “crossed”. Depending on how wide you make the crossing and how full you make the bucket, this can range from being an easy to a very difficult activity.

Special Instructions/ Safety:
• Check area for unsafe ground cover: i.e., broken glass, dead limbs, stones, etc.
• Set boundaries of crossing.
• Secure swing rope to cables using carabiners.
• Present the task; review spotting requirements, safety issues, and answer questions before the group begins the task.
• Check the rope to make sure it is sound.
• Spot the first couple of people swinging across the bordered area or until enough group members have crossed and can provide spotting.
• Demonstrate and ensure proper spotting for remaining students.
• Do not allow diving or jumping for the rope.
• Turn the control of the initiative over to the participants, ensuring safety
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